Other Projects

Other than Enterprise Architecture for Intron, there are a few other activities or projects we have been working on:

Secure Collaboration Pty Ltd offers a Cloud “Platform as a Service” capability specifically for Government Agencies that require high levels of security. The SC environment has been IRAP assess to PROTECTED security level. As the Federal and State Governments have begun to understand cloud technologies, SC has been supporting them in providing a flexible and boutique set of robust and secure services and contributing as a member of the Australian Cyber Security Centre Panel.

Pam’s Breastfeeding Support

Pam Sadler (Registered Midwife and Lactation Consutant (IBCLC) )is offering a range of pre- and post natal services including education and problem solving.

The I.T. Project

The I.T. Project is a satirical novel set in Sydney Australia in the weird and wacky world of technology project delivery.
Its about a little I.T. Project and a big Ugly Company.
You can find out more here : https://theitproject.com.au or buy here on amazon

Other books – see amazon.com/author/jeremysadler

Other Publications

  • Business Design for the 21st Century – In progress
    • Looking for a “beyond sustainable” and even “regenerative” design methodology – tuned for the business world. It’s basis is that businesses are made up of human beings, and their customers are human beings, which are organic and natural elements, therefore we should be ‘growing’ businesses, not designing and building them as if they are machines or bridges. Blog on this subject coming soon….